Reconditioning Of Issaquah, Washington, Lisbon Trolley #519

Lisbon Trolley #519 is a J.G. Brill car from 1925. It was used in Lisbon, Portugal, until 1978, and then in Aspen, Colorado. The Issaquah Valley Trolley Project in Issaquah, Washington, acquired it in 2003, and the crew at Gomaco Trolley Company completed an extensive restoration in 2012.

The truck width was converted from narrow gauge to standard gauge. A second operator's station was added to allow operation from both ends. The cracks in the roof and frame were repaired, and the floor was replaced. A fiberglass coating was applied to the roof and clerestory roof to seal it from the elements. All of the seats were reconditioned, and new oak window frames with safety glass were installed. Trolley technicians repaired any non-working electrical items, and gave it a new paint job.



April 2012


Lisbon Trolley #519, Prior To Reconditioning