Construction Of Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Battery-Powered Trolley

Gomaco Trolley Company began constructing a battery-powered, open-style trolley car for the Taroko Park project in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, in late 2014. The car will have 60 rechargeable batteries, seven rollover bench seats, and operator's stations on both ends with waterproof plastic shields.



March/April 2015


The above two rows show the backs of the chairs, which have alternating woods, and the wood and edging for the trolley's bonnet.



These photos show the exterior of the trolley, including the plywood roof and the clerestory.



The majority of the items in these photos are decorative panels for the trolley. The lower, far right photo, contains parts for the operator's platform seats.



Various parts of the trolley's undercarriage have been completed, including the battery boxes (black and orange boxes seen in the bottom row).



The above, left photo, shows the battery charger, and the trolley's batteries are in the right photo.



These photos show some of the brass parts that will be installed on the Taiwan trolley.



The ceiling is constructed of tongue-and-groove hardwood with a decorative trim, and it is currently being installed