Construction Of Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Battery-Powered Trolley

Gomaco Trolley Company began constructing a battery-powered, open-style trolley car for the Taroko Park project in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, in late 2014. The car will have 60 rechargeable batteries, seven rollover bench seats, and operator's stations on both ends with waterproof plastic shields.



June 2015


Early in June, the Taiwan trolley was on lifts for the installation of the electronics, batteries, and trucks.




Decorative touches are seen in the interior and exterior of the trolley car. This includes the beautifully polished wood ceiling, etched glass, brass fixtures, and painted panels.




This trolley includes a Ricon wheelchair lift at one of the operator's stations, which retreats under the trolley when it is not in use (left). The alternating wood seats were dried in the varnish room (center), and the destination signs are ready for installation (right).




In late June, Gomaco Trolley Company technicians continue to install the seats and brass fixtures, along with Taroko Park flags on the roof.