Construction Of Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Battery-Powered Trolley

Gomaco Trolley Company began constructing a battery-powered, open-style trolley car for the Taroko Park project in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, in late 2014. The car will have 60 rechargeable batteries, seven rollover bench seats, and operator's stations on both ends with waterproof plastic shields.



July 2015


In the above photos, you can see the flooring being installed in early July, as well as the front of the operator's station, and a controller.




Decorative lights edge the roof of the trolley, and Gomaco Trolley personnel continue to install the brass fixtures and benches.




At the end of July, the trolley approaches completion. Most of the decorative panels and brass fittings have been installed, and the flooring and steps have been stained and finished (but covered and protected in the photos).




The operator's seat is shown in the left photo, along with the controller in the center, and the string-pulled operator's bell in the right, which is in the ceiling above the controller.




Trolley ML666 has seven rollover bench seats with highly-polished woods (left), and a clerestory with frosted glass (center). In the photo to the right, the trolley is over the Gomaco Trolley Company pit for easy access to underneath the car.