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Reconditioned Peter Witt Trolley

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Gomaco Trolley Company has purchased 71 of Milan's historic Peter Witt trolleys. These trolley cars have traveled on the rails in Italy for nearly 70 years and were part of a line that provided the bulk of service on Milan's surface rail system.

Based In History
Milan's Peter Witt cars, based on those designed in 1914 by Peter Witt, a Cleveland Street Railway commissioner, are essentially unchanged from their original 1927-1930 construction. They were ordered as part of a rolling stock modernization program to replace worn-out, two-axle trams delivered at the turn of the century when horsepower lines had been electrified. The management of the city's Tramway Department, which owned and supervised a network operated by the Edison organization in the 1920s, also wanted larger vehicles and settled on American technology.

The high-capacity Peter Witt configuration seemed ideal for Milan's growing ridership because it allowed for passengers to board quickly through wide doors at the front. Riders then could move toward the rear, encountering a seated conducter who collected fares after the car started. This reduced the amount of time spent at stops.

Available For Reconditioning

The trolleys purchased for restoration by Gomaco Trolley Company are available for sale. If you would like to learn more about these historic trolleys or discuss reconditioning one to your specifications, feel free to contact Gomaco Trolley Company.


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