Battery-Powered, Self-Propelled 7-Bench Trolley - Kaohsiung, Taiwan


Taiwan trolley car

The Taiwan trolley is a seven-bench, open-style trolley that is battery-powered and self-propelled. It is numbered #ML666, and is transporting guests around the Taroko Park shopping and sports center in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Open-style trolley #ML666 has 60 rechargeable batteries, telematic capabilities for remote troubleshooting, DP-600 displays at both operator's stations in English and Chinese, four recording on-board security cameras, solid brass castings, flags mounted to the roof, two stationary bench seats and five rollover bench seats, polished hardwoods, and a wheelchair lift.

Because it is battery powered, #ML666 does not require overhead lines for operation.

Taroko Park is Taiwan’s first hybrid of a shopping center and sports-themed amusement park, and is the largest shopping center in the country. It contains more than 220 retailers. Taroko Park has the only authorized Suzuka Circuit Park racetrack outside of Japan, and visitors can race through figure eight pathways in go-karts. The park also has Taiwan’s largest carousel, which can carry up to 88 persons, and a Ferris wheel. The three-story mall also contains a miniature golf course, two full-sized basketball courts, a running track, a bowling center, and a trampoline.



A Green Solution for Public Transportation Systems

Trolley Car #ML666 is powered by 60 lithium-phosphate maintenance-free batteries. Each battery is half the weight of similar-sized lead acid batteries, but delivers twice the run time. The trolley is an ecofriendly solution for efficiently transporting people around Taroko Park in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.



Double-Truck, Battery-Powered/Self-Propelled Trolley Specifications

Car Number: #ML666.

Car Builder: Gomaco Trolley Company, Ida Grove, Iowa 51445.

Running Equipment: Reconditioned Milan trucks. Standard gauge 56.5 inches. 26 inch steel tires. Four (4) 25 Horsepower GE Motors.

Controls: American Traction Systems (ATS) controller and PLC system management for speed and power consumption. System diagnostics recording for troubleshooting analysis and documentation. Two DP-600 displays in English and Chinese. Telematics for remote troubleshooting. Four recording on-board security cameras. Plastic shield to protect controller.

Length: 33.5 feet.

Width: 10.5 feet.

Height: 13 feet.

Weight: 37,000 pounds.

Battery Pack: 60 lithium-phosphate, maintenance-free batteries. Batteries capable of 2500 charge cycles.

Seating Capacity: 42. Seven bench seats with six people per bench.

Seats: Bench seats. Rollover style with alternating oak and cherry.

Frame: GOMACO engineered. Steel construction. 1.5g strength.

Fittings, Solid Brass:
Ornate hand grab.
Seat roll-over component.
Seat end fixture.
Corner braces.
Conductor bell.
Vertical grab rails.
Taroko Park name plaque.

Woods: Oak and cherry.

Paint: Multi-coat, stenciled, hand painted 10 coat base and clear coat process. Colors: Dark orange, light orange, red, and metallic gold. Color and details are selected by customer.

1200 decorative global accent lights.
Steps illuminated for safety.
Lighted destination sign.
Brass fixture, interior lights with decorative globe. Ceiling mounted.
Brass headlamp.
Carriage lights.
Tail lights.

Clerestory Glass:
Insulated glass panes.
Taroko Park etched into end panes.

Steps: Fixed, solid cherry wood.

Hideaway Wheelchair Lift: Ricon cartridge lift. Retreats under the vehicle.

Electromagnetic rail brakes for emergency stop.
Hydraulically-powered friction brakes with composite shoes.
Wheel flange lubricators on each wheel to reduce friction and noise.
24-volt hydraulic brake pump.
Regenerative braking- energy capture for recharging.
Full dead-man integration at both (two) operator locations. If operator becomes incapacitated, the car automatically stops.
Emergency stops located at 2-points.

Signal Bell: Electronic, push-button for pedestrian warning.

Conductor Bell: String-pulled clanger for conductor communications.

Interior Advertising Panel.

Floor: Tongue-and-groove solid cherry wood.

Ceiling: Tongue-and-groove cherry with solid cherry ornate trim.

Plywood construction with fiberglass shell. Textured to look like canvas.
Flags mounted on the roof.


Taiwan trolley floor plan

The floor plan for the Taiwan battery-powered #ML666 trolley.



Additional Information

Construction Of Taiwan Trolley

Grand Opening (May 9, 2016)



Taiwan trolley car

Trolley car #ML666 is powered by 60 lithium-phosphate maintenance-free batteries.


Taiwan trolley car

Guests enjoy riding around Taroko Park in the new #ML666 battery-powered trolley car during the park's grand opening day.


Taiwan trolley car

The ceiling is made of tongue-and-groove cherry hardwood with solid cherry ornate trim. Interior lights are ceiling mounted with a brass fixture and a decorative, frosted-glass globe.


Taiwan trolley car

Emergency stop buttons are located at two different points on the operator's station, and there is a full, dead-man integration at the two operator locations, so if the operator becomes incapacitated, the car automatically stops.


Taiwan trolley car

The rollover style bench seats alternate oak and cherry hardwood. Each wood element is built by hand, sanded, stained, and finished to a high, glossy shine.


Taiwan trolley car

The roof on trolley #ML666 was constructed of plywood with a fiberglass shell that was textured to look like canvas.


Taiwan trolley car

Custom-built brass pieces on the Taiwan trolley include ornate hand grabs (seen above), seat rollover components, seat end fixtures, corner braces, conductor bell, vertical grab rails, and brass plates with Taroko Park.


Taiwan trolley car

Taroko Park hosted a special media day to introduce the new facility and trolley car to the local press.