Gomaco Trolleys In Lowell, Massachusetts

The Lowell National Historical Park in Lowell, Massachusetts, is home to several Gomaco Trolleys. The 15-bench open-style trolleys #1601 and #1602, and the semi-convertible enclosed trolley #4131, are commonly seen riding the rails in this area. The open-style cars were the first trolleys constructed by Gomaco Trolley Company, and they were delivered for service in 1984. Enclosed trolley #4131 was delivered in 1986.

The 15-bench-open-style trolley cars are authentic reproductions of the 1597-1600 series cars manufactured by J.G. Brill Company. The semi-convertible enclosed trolley is an authentic reproduction of the 4100 series car manufactured by St. Louis and Laconia Car Company for the Bay State Railway in the early 1900s.



15-Bench, Open-Style Trolleys




Semi-Convertible Enclosed Trolley